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This is the place where any information about swaps will be. I am hoping if enough people are interested, we could do a small swap for Valentine's Day. Nothing big. Just something small to start things out and see how it goes. Just to let you know, there will be a few rules. You must be a member on this blog. If a swap is posted, you must post on that given swap post that you are interested. I will always give a time amount to how long people have to sign up before it is closed. Also, if you sign up for a swap PLEASE PARTICIPATE. Do not say you will, and then not send anything. It's unfair for the person who was supposed to receive something from you, and also to the person who took the time to send you something. When everyones signed up and the deadlines closed for time to join, I will let everyone know when they must send their packages out by. If there is a problem, please contact me and also the person you are to swap with that way more time can be given or another person can be matched up with them. I hope you all like the idea and have fun with it. I think it could be a great success and even more fun!!! Thanks all!


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