Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My nets working atm and so I figured I would add some of the things I wanted to do this morning when I started the last blog post at about 5 this morning. Its now 2am, and as usual I'm wide awake. XD I'm such a nite creature. Anyways, back to what I was doing. I left off showing you my clay collection. I have done a few things. Here on the left are my first attempts at roses, which I have to say for a first time, and always dreading roses and thinking I could never do them,considering I can't seem to draw them for the life of me, I believe came out pretty well. I'd like to make them a little smaller and scale. My favorite one is the one in the little vase with silver holeless beads. I wrapped them with floral tape and HATE how they came out. They just seem to be thick and pudgy even tho it was thin wire. I redid them 3 or 4 times each.
The cake was also my first attempt at a layered cake. I went with Irish colors and was going to put shamrocks all over it like a fondant covering, but it got late and I got lazy and tired and used pearl green clay and TLS. I'm not happy at all with how that came out. I forgot to texture the bottoms, and opposite sides of each slice of cake. And I just don't think it looks real. I used a little hang gift tag from the craft store as a little platter for it. I got a bag of tons of them years ago.They're paper with silver metal lining, the little hole, and each had a white piece of DMC type floss.They actually work pretty well for platters or you can cover them and do tons of other stuff with them. I have yet to play around more with the tons of sizes I have.

On the right is a better shot of the fave rose of the bunch in it's vase for the moment. That's a free bottle I got from some company when I was searching for wholesale glass vials and bottles and they sent samples. She told me they had lots of tiny ones and sent me about 10 bottles. This was the smallest. The rest were about the size of salt and pepper shakers. Maybe that's small to some people, but even this smallest one, cute as it is, is a little big. Was nice of them to send samples tho. I didn't think people did that anymore. AT ALL! So I'll find uses for the others.

That thing next to it was me playing. It ended up coming out a freakish scalopped bowl/shallow dish. And the white ball in the middle is made with the same pearl for no reason. Just playing. The purple things in it was me trying out ratios of color vs. translucent Sculpey/Premo and making small grapes that I want to put on a thin wire to see if they look believable. I believe it was just regular Trans and not the white trans. Still unsure of the difference. All these things were done at like 4 in the morning one nite when I was bored and grabbed out the clay and started mixing and matching and playing.

On a different note, I've been doing a bit of shopping lately!!! Quite a bit. (Yes on top of and aside from the clay) Even tho at Michael's I spent a ton each time. The clay turned into wood, tiles, woodsies, saws, miter box, felting, stickers, chalks, and god knows what else. But the rest I been doing on Etsy and Ebay. But unfortunately my net is acting wonky again and therefore I'm really going to say good nite this time and try again tomorrow. I pressed my luck with this little bit and got some in I guess. Least it leaves for something to look forward to tomorrow to see if interested. I know I love all my little bits and bobs I've gotten. Can't wait to order more. Plus I'd love to share the shops I got the stuff from since they're amazing! Therefore, I bid adoo, good nite, farewell, til we meet again. XD



  1. Pictures!!! I love your roses Penny- very pretty. I don't do a lot with polymer clay- I'm lousy at it and need lots more practice. Are there tiny little dice in that first picture? so cute! Hope you have a creative day :)

  2. Hello Kris,
    Welcome to blogland! I jut read your posts and I look forward tos eeing mroe of your work. You certainly are very talented with clay. the roses look great and I love the bowl...the white purl is a fun and interesting touch.
    Take care and I look forward to yuor next post.
    big hug,

  3. Looking good Kris! Keep going!

  4. Ahhh another clay addicted night owl, you know that's when we do our best work. :)

    If you try to sleep your just going to be thinking of that thing you want to try with clay ;P

    I think everything turned out great! I have yet to make a pretty flower so you have "one upped me" madam!


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